Canal Caracol Colombia

Canal Caracol Colombia is a Colombian private television network that specializes in the production of telenovelas and many different kinds of TV shows for its own network, as well as for international allies.

Telemundo, TV Azteca, Univision, Soy pictures International and Television Española are some of the international content producers who have benefited from a working relation with Caracol whose production and broadcasting central has a total of 14 studios, out of which eight are equipped with High Definition gear.


In 1954 the Organizacion de Radiodifusora (Radio broadcasting Organization) offered to take care of television costs by offering commercial spots. The possibility of establishing the first TV Station was brought up and both accepted and implemented with the help of Radiodifusora Nacional one year later when TVC (Television Comercial Ltda.). The company only lasted two years.

Canal Caracol spun off of Caracol Radio in 1967 when Inravision awarded it 45 hours a week through public bidding. The marketing and production of TV Shows such as Sabados Felices, a humor program which still airs, were the company’s main goal back then and, in 1987 it went through a technical and administrative modernization after the Valores Bavaria group became the main stockholder.

On November 24th, 1997 Colombia’s National Television Commission granted both Caracol Television and RCN Television a license as national channels that are private-operated. This made Canal Caracol Colombia work hard to improve their infrastructure more and be able to keep a total of 18 hours of programming on air starting on the 10th of July, 1998.

Caracol bought a 25% stake of television station WGEN-TV which is based in Miami Florida. Its programming includes Colombian and Brazilian Telenovelas, a news program produced in Colombia, as well as reality shows and telenovelas that have been remade specifically for the US Market, such as Desire which is based on Mesa para Tres (Table for Three)


Telenovelas are very popular in many different Latin American Countries but, it’s not what Canal Caracol Colombia is all about. As previously mentioned Sabados Felices is a comedy show that continues to be broadcasted after 38 years and joins a local version of “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” in the Entertainment section.

Caracol’s signal covers Colombia and also reaches many different countries around the globe. News shows are among the most watched around the planet and, Caracol’s own news productions reach many different countries through its cable signal.

Reality shows, local and international TV series round up Caracol TV's mainstream programming though, Colombia’s youth is not left out of it as their an important part of the network’s audience for which they broadcast cartoons and other shows that involve their participation.

When compared to other television networks, Caracol TV does not broadcast that many sports but it does hold the broadcasting rights for all National Soccer team game broadcasts since 1993.

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